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About Us

Deluxe Enviro is a Dublin based industrial cleaning company that services all of Ireland. Having a team with over twenty years of experience, Deluxe Enviro provides bespoke cleaning services from staff who are trained and certified industrial kitchen canopy cleaning, duct cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing and more.

Deluxe Enviro understands that with the nature of the services industry, no company or outlet can afford to be closed for any length of time. With this in mind we will work together to schedule our site visits day or night at a time convenient to your business needs ensuring minimal disruption and down time.

Meet The Team

Directors of Deluxe Enviro

Peter and Sean hold over 25 years of combined experience in industrial and kitchen cleaning services. Having worked with many hotels, restaurants, hospitals and more throughout Ireland Peter and Sean take great pride in the team they have built, their dedication towards their customers, and their excellent services which provide a 100% quality guarantee.


Team of technicians at Deluxe Enviro

Deluxe Enviro Staff are fully trained with many years of experience. Our operatives consistently undergo training such as Safe Pass, Manual Handling, Working at Heights, Working with Chemicals, MEWP and Confined Spaces. Every job is overseen by Deluxe Enviro management, and our operatives never leave a job without client satisfaction and sign-off. Our operatives carry tablets and use an onsite app to give instant work reports.

We pride ourselves in the work we do, and we're happy to consider any cleaning requirements you may have.


We provide training courses for the operatives at Deluxe Enviro. All Staff are very attentive and have taken to the different types of training with ease. We have carried out a range of training such as Health and Safety Awareness, Working at Heights, Manual Handling and Confined Spaces Safety Awareness.

- Michelle Pentony, Managing Director, Pentony Training Services